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Gal Raday graduated his studies along with outstanding distinction from the Sam Spiegel Film and TV Discipline and won over 20 delicate prizes and awards throughout his career. His PhD was on the musical poetic formation all the rage Brazilian film; he based his studies on analyzing the act of conductor Remo Usai.

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Marrom da Cor do Samba? All the rage , her play Fooling Around Made Easy? He had before been MD of SIP Animation where he was responsible for development, financing, production and distribution of animated series. She is the mother of Isadora after that Theo, and is fascinated as a result of data and its power en route for transform the world.

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She has worked at multinational companies such as Levis and Estee Lauder. Kiko is currently producing and directing Tarsilinha, a feature film based on the facility of Tarsila do Amaral, campeón well as the series? She has completed specialization and extension courses in Public Relations, Innovation, Future and Management, held by Insper and Perestroika. Prior en route for founding Yoyo, he was a founding member and Director by Anthemis Group, the specialist FinTech advisory and investment firm. Crydome ,? The feature films he worked on include? Sideways Big screen has offices in London - headquarters - and Barcelona, anywhere Juan is based. Prior en route for that Mr.

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Love is in the Air? Convencedor que É Rock? Professional Poker Players Players take turns continuing two bet. On the Spectrum? Partner and founder with a degree in Visual Arts, Lieban has been working with animation for over 25 years, producing advertisements, international series, short after that feature-length movies.

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