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Explicado por GibbleFenwick I hoped en route for see more race items, after that more that are usefull, although looks like Blizz is effective on it, so good accident Blizz and make more items.

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Its a slim chance you bidding get a bullseye, but add important there is a bigger chance you will get a green light on your survey equipment, and that means fragments are close by, but they cant be too close en route for eachother. So I'm estimating it will be about 20 hours to go the full 1 to Red means you are far away, yellow means you are kinda close, and bottle green means you only have a small bit further. Can a person else confirm they have heard anything similar while working on Archaeology? Always 3. Unfortunately, but you get a glitched dig site, there's nothing to accomplish about it except wait for Blizzard to fix it. Vial of the Sands for alchemist. Which is nigh on a waste of time considering that Survey still has a 5 sec CD. As of my experience, more often than not an artifact is located here!